Things to Consider When Buying From Pallet Auctions

Before you go ahead and purchase from a pallet auction, there are essential things that you need to consider.

Shipping destination

Pallet auctions ShippingIn the event that you will require your products to be shipped overseas; you will need to have your pallet either chemically or heat treated. This ensures that your pallet is safe from rot, molds or pesticides during its transit.

Weight of the products

In a pallet auction, you will be able to get a pallet of your choice, ensure that the pallet is capable of supporting the weight of your items. Block-style wood pallets are capable of carrying most weight; on the other hand we have plastic pallets, which are clean, weather resistant, stackable and durable. They are however very expensive.Pallet auctions Weight of the products

Life expectancy of the pallet

Ensure that you ascertain at the pallet auction, if the pallet is able to endure extreme handling conditions and shipping.  That is even when it’s used by multiple users.

Equipment compatibility

During a pallet auctioning, do you have pallet travelling on an automated warehouse system or along a conveyor. The role of pallets which is in relation to material handling the equipment, can determine the style and size of the pallet.

Pallet management needs

In pallet auctions, you are in a position of selecting pallets based on the factors mentioned above. It’s also important that you consider if the pallet auction is capable of offering an uninterrupted, continuous supply of pallets. There are times where needs arise and companies have unplanned demand of pallets.Pallet auctions managing

It is therefore essential that you partner with an auctioneer able to meet your demand at the right time frame. Look for a supplier who is able to help you in managing your pallet inventory effectively.